• Flip the Tip!

Flip the Tip!

Activate Your Pen Tip


Tips need to be primed before use, all brand new GROUT PENS have a dry white tip until they are activated.

Tips are designed to be removable so when a tip becomes worn or damaged it can be taken out and flipped over. If the tip falls out do not worry, simply put it back in and keep working.

Pressing hard will only damage the tip of the pen as grout lines are rough. It's better to fully prime the pen by pressing in and holding the tip for about 20 seconds, once the tip is fully saturated, lightly move the pen across the grout line. Best practice is to make multiple light passes along the grout line instead of one heavy stroke.

The GROUT PEN color chart is the most exact representation of each color, please keep in mind that computer monitors and screens can display slightly different color spectrums, it is recommended to do a small test area first if you are not sure about the color.


  • When applying GROUT PEN to tile walls or any verticle surface, it is easier to work from the bottom up instead of the top down.
  • GROUT PEN works best on unsealed grout. If your grout has been sealed previously this may prevent GROUT PEN from being able to correctly adhere to the grout
  • Click here for more information and videos about GROUT PEN.