• Get Creative!

  • Remodel your tile with a color change

Get Creative!

Remodel your tile with a color change

What is it


Completely transform your tile grout with Grout Pen, a safe and simple solution that lets you clean up grubby grout without the hassle. No scrubbing, bleaching, power washing, or regrouting required. Simply pump the pen until the ink starts flowing through the nib and get to coloring!


Use Grout Pen on bathroom tile to freshen up the appearance of your shower, bathtub, sink, or windows. Take Grout Pen to the kitchen and add a pop of color to tile counters, floors, or oven backsplashes. No grout is off limits! Once you’ve fully restored your grout, the pen can be used as a touch-up solution whenever needed.


Our 5mm Grout Pen can cover up to 60 meters of narrow grout lines to tackle DIY projects of every size and feature a reversible tip to handle sanded and unsanded grout lines. The fast-drying ink will by touch-dry after 30 minutes, but to ensure the best results allow the ink to settle into the grout for 2 hours.


Choose from one of our 11 popular colors: white, black, winter grey, light grey, grey, dark grey, brown, cream ivory, terracotta, and beige.


Non-toxic and safe to use in enclosed spaces, Grout Pen is an environmentally friendly option that allows you to quickly complete your home improvement upgrades!